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The Daytona Beach Sail and Power Squadron serves the Daytona Beach Florida Area. The Squadron is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable by teaching classes in seamanship, navigation and related subjects.

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Squadron Auxiliary
Porpoises of Purpose


The Daytona Beach Power Squadron Auxiliary known as the LADS (Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Daytona Squadron) was approved on October 24, 1955. The incorporation did not take place until June 16, 1967. Some of the original signers were Mrs. Ruth Kleiber, Mrs. June Lacy, Mrs. Nancy Werner, Mrs. Jean Kelb, Mrs. J. Dawn Williams, Mrs. Guelting, Mrs. Elsie Baumeister and Mrs. Madeline DePope.

When squadron auxiliaries were first formed, the squadrons were all male membership and the auxiliaries were all female memberships. This was not a bad thing because in those days women were not so concerned with the business side of life. They were more interested in the social aspects and planning events with decorations, menu, entertainment, etc. They were also concerned with helping their fellowmen. While I was going over the history of the Daytona Auxiliary, I found many letters from nursing home directors thanking the Auxiliary for presents they bought or made and gave to the patients. There were letters thanking them for items they bought for the Squadron such as: a projector, a screen, a donation to the Squadron for the Building Fund, donations to the Forgotten Children at Christmas, the Humane Society, etc.

The women met with the men for dinner at restaurants where they had a separate room and the women could meet after dinner and after the guest speaker’s presentation. The men met in the same room where dinner had been served. The squadron meetings were shorter than the auxiliary meetings because we seemed to have more to discuss with fund raising, charities, workshops, decorations, etc. Thus, in 1983 our president suggested meeting for lunch one Monday a month to finish plans made at the meetings. This was the beginning of the “Lunch Bunch.” Later in 1983 it was decided to disband as an auxiliary because with the advent of women becoming members of the squadrons, some felt there would no longer be a need for auxiliaries. However, we have seen in the present as well as in the past that all members of a family may not want to be a squadron member.

They may want to participate and be recognized for their participation without being a member. Therefore, the auxiliaries do serve a purpose. The squadrons have merit marks. Auxiliaries have service or activities patches.

We also have five, ten, fifteen and twenty year recognition charms members can earn. There are many members who are members of both the squadron and the auxiliary. We now allow men to be members of the auxiliaries. “Ed” Kridler was our first male member because he liked to cook. When his wife would say, “Ask Ed,” we did and he joined!

In the early years we had a District Auxiliary also. Some of our Auxiliary Presidents who were District Presidents were: Clara Stephens, Mae Brame, June Lacy, Dorothy Hingson and Rita Wise.

The Daytona Beach Auxiliary was reinstated on February 13, 2003. Since our reinstatement the Auxiliary has given the Squadron five hundred dollars to obtain a universal E-Mail distribution for the Beachcomber, our local newsletter, and a new power point projector. We have had several raffles, painted a house for a needy family and we do the phoning for squadron meetings. We are always looking for new members who enjoy doing things together and helping others. ...Rita Wise